the quest for a good browser

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# The quest for a good browser

# Why

So this began when I tried to use ungoogled-chromium and found out that they do some not-so-cool manifest stuff. The obvious solution was using another browser, but, all of the browsers I tried had issues. I tried:

# Firefox

Firefox does not seem to like Vimium and I need that, the rest of Firefox is awesome.

# Safari

Safari does not have anything like Vimium except Vimari made by peppy, the creator of osu!. It's pretty nice, except it does not include any of the shortcuts I want.

# Orion

Orion does not like Vimium. Neither as a Firefox nor Chromium plugin.

# Arc

Arc hitted me with a "sign in pwease we need your data pwetty pwease" and I don't want that :L

# Opera (GX)


# Other browser xyz?

I did not know any other browsers, and so I am still using ungoogled-chromium at the moment. Please help :P