followup: the quest for a good browser

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# followup: the quest for a good browser

I should've made this post way earlier. As of fully switching back to Linux, back in December, I've gotten used to Firefox again.

# what now?

I am now useing Firefox full time, with Vimium-FF (apparently you need to give it permission to do its thing, and that didn't show up for me, that's why it never worked properly...)

# what's next? (hopefully)

I have almost no complaints so far, the only downside FF has is the lack of tab groups that you can easily open and close. I've tried extensions and such, but those don't work the way they do in Chromium. I'd also like something that works without the mouse even more, but qutebrowser has other tradeoffs that I am not willing to make, so for now, Firefox is the best it'll be.

A bit of a short one, but this is mainly so people stop emailing me saying: "just use firefox with vimium-ff", I know, I am just a little stupid sometimes :p