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# My lab:

My "little" lab is all over the place and the weird choices are made since I usually get my stuff from friends (of friends)/family (of family) for free or cheap. I have quite a lot of servers, in example, but only my main server is powered on 24/7. I usually have the other ones off, but since noone would want to buy them, I will keep them in my rack for testing purposes if I ever need something. I am planning on doing a movie night using Minecraft Paintings for example, that takes like 100GB of RAM, and since I have all this old crap, I can run it.

# Rack from top to bottom:

My rack of choice is a second hand music rack which I bought for 20 euro's.

# On top: Marantz AMP, Marantz tuner and surprisingly, a Marantz cassettedeck.

# Unit 1-3: networking

My networking gear is all over the place. First internet goes into the UDM Pro, then to the Netgear ProSafe GS748T and UAP-6-Lite. Via the TL-SG1024 is currently how my entire home gets internet.

# Routing:

# Switching:

# Unit 4-9: Server and NAS drivebay

(OOU) Some drivebay for my server.

# Unit 10-bottom: servers

# Outside the rack

# I use my lab for:

# Learning:

 * i.e. different protocols such as DMZ, DNS, IPv4 and IPv6, PoE and many more.
   * DMZ for my UDM Pro behind our ISP router thingy.
   * DNS for Pi-Hole.
   * IPv4 is currently the default.
   *IPv6 is in the works-ish.
   * PoE for my APs.
   * Many more.

# Deploying:

  * This website along with a few others.
  * Docker:
      * Various frontends for i.e. Reddit and YouTube.
      * Jellyfin.
      * Home Assistant:
          * A few WiZ led bulbs.
          * Tuya lights.
          * Shelly Plug S.
          * Thermostate system.
          * WoL for my PCs and servers.
          * Spotify.
          * Printer metrics.
          * Server metrics.
      * Portainer.
  * OpenVPN.
  * SMB shares (locally ofcourse).
  * A Git server.
  * Cockpit.
  * 'Work'
    * A 'development environment' (Neovim/SSH).

# The services in detail: