how i host my services and how that'll be changing

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how i host my services, and how that'll be changing

spoiler; not really that much

first of, how do i do it now?

i have the following scheme:

1fiber converter > isp modem > own router (udm pro) > own switch (usw-48-500w) > own servers

since my ISP is being a little annoying, ill have to use their modem and their shit. this is fine and all, and it works pretty good so far.

what'll change?

since we'll get solar pretty soon, i am able to get multiple servers up (my dad said "now you can run your rack at full tilt"). i will install gentoo on the hosts, the only ones that remain on debian are: my storage server, and my other hypervisor (Dell PowerEdge R610) for now. this means that i will be having a little downtime here and there, and that i will have to stop hosting some services due to inactivity of use and incompatibility with gentoo (shit that uses docker only)

will i blog?

yes of course, how is that a question?