silencing hpe g8 servers

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Silencing HPE servers

Hey there!

Some of you might be running a DL380p G8 (or any other G8 server from HP with iLO 4, which is supported by this tweak), and want it to be nearly silent. I've found a way to do it, which doesn't involve (almost) any physical work! Let's get into it! (I've gotten the fans at a constant 10% (I configured 10% since I get less whine and next-to-nothing ramp ups that way) and am perfectly able to sleep ~3m away from it).

So before we begin, just a quick note:

Note from their GitHub:

Please note: At this time, v4.77 is the most recent iLO that has a working patch. After this version, HP has removed many of the control utilities that make patching v2.78 and v2.79 useful. While this may change in the future, bringing useful tools to v2.79 (the current latest) will take an extremely large amount of work. The patching works fine here, it just does not provide access to useful functions


1sudo apt-add-repository universe
2sudo apt update
3sudo apt-get install python2-minimal git curl

Install Pip

1curl --output && sudo python2
1python2 -m pip install virtualenv
2git clone --recurse-submodules
3cd ilo4_unlock
4python2 -m virtualenv venv source venv/bin/activate
5pip install -r requirements.txt


1./ init
2This will build iLO version 2.77
4./ 277


Note: this will make the server scream for ~5 minutes. To patch, you need to have iLO Security Override set to enabled. On a DL380p G8 I had to flip the first DIP switch on the motherboard, just under the PSU's. Obviously do this whilst the server is powered down.

Make sure any HP libraries are unloaded and let's go

1sudo modprobe -r hpilo
2mkdir -p flash
3cp binaries/flash_ilo4 binaries/CP027911.xml flash/
4cp build/ilo4_277.bin.patched flash/ilo4_250.bin
5cd flash

Flash iLO 4. This will make the server SCREAM!!!

1sudo ./flash_ilo4 --direct

Once the command has finished and the fans are back to normal, remove power and disable iLO Security Override.

Silencing the fans

You can ssh into your iLO and type fan info g. Lower the fans with these commands:

1fan pid x lo 1000

Here, x is the pid with an astherisk( * ) next to it.