learning and school...

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# learning...

when i was 3-5 years old, i woke up at 5 am (without alarm or anyone telling me to do so) to learn stuff, make something from wood, do anything. when i got older and needed to go to school, all the joy of learning was gone, because it got forced and in a way that didn't work for me.

# pre-school

pre-school means here: the time before school forced me to learn things like i said, i woke up at 5-6am usually, 7am was late, 4am was early. i would make things from wood, learn stuff when i was older, read, make actual things.

i once made a "ant catching machine" which was an old cola bottle filled with very sweet stuff, and the ants wouldn't get out.

i always dremt of making my own car, and at some point i already had gathered the air for the tires!

i also once said - when i was 5 i think - that i didn't want to go to school and watch the news and stuff, since that would make the snowy paths in my brain all brown, mushy and not how nature had intended it.

# school

people made fun of my thoughts, didn't get my jokes, and i eventually was the quiet kid. then i switched schools, and i got some friends which understood me (which was a huge relief). i was already using computers for about 4 years here, and so my english was quite good, and i usually would come home and spend as much time on my computer as my parents would allow me, to escape reality.

# now

im currently going to school for about 1-2 hours a week, doing the absolute minimum to get okay/good grades and am trying to get to know and be myself again.