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There is no "cloud". #

"There is no cloud, it's just other people's computers"

Hey y'all! Welcome to another ramble of mine where I yell at cloud computing.

Don't worry, I don't:

1: There is no real 'cloud', it's just other people's computers. 2: If you put your images on something like OneDrive, they're not YOUR files anymore. 3: It's hugely inefficient for you to stream movies, as you basically download the movie as you watch it, and if you ever want to watch the movie again, you'll have to download it again. 4: If you use something like OneDrive, it's on their computers. If they dislike you, they'll be able to remove your data. 5: Do you know which (maybe)botnet like behaviour i.e. Microsoft Word may have? No, you don't since it is proprietary mal/software. 6: You can get two 1TB drives and mirror/back them up for less than 100 euro's total. You can also put them into an old PC or laptop and share them using something like Nextcloud, for normies, or scp or rsync over ssh for FAST secure file transfers. You won't get any faster speeds than 'SSD hosting' since usually your internet speed isn't going to be faster than 1 Gbit, so you might as well take it all locally and be able to access your files if your internet provider isn't fast, and still profit from 1Gbit which is in a lot of homes right now. 7: GitHub i.e. can completely remove all of your code if you have i.e. a slur in your repository name.

Don't get me wrong, I use my phone (iPhone 11 Pro, 256GB). I use some services, such as Discord and other things, but I don't like apps as Instagram - which constantly snoop at everything and take data for mister Zuckerberg - and I would much rather use some selfhosted service, but everyone I know is on Discord, Instagram, WhatsApp and others.

Now you might ask, how to take matters into your own hands. I'll answer the above points:

Please, always, keep your stuff locally and/or use a trusted service.

This list will probably grow in the future.