send file over ssh using scp

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# introduction

you can send files to your server without opening some random port or using a docker container or something very easily, over ssh using scp.

# how-to:

for this blog i am using, i send my markdown files to them using scp:

1scp ~/dev/blog/*.md

or sending images to my server, or a backup:

1scp ~/pix snowflake:/mnt/raid/pix/
1scp "/mnt/usb1/backup-$(date).tar.gz" snowflake:/mnt/raid/backups/

snowflake works here, since i have some details about snowflake in my ~/.ssh/config file.

# why?

because you:

1: dont need to open another port 2: can use very secure ssh keys 3: dont have to depend on sluggish web apps 4: can use it almost everywhere: bsd, mac, (gnu/)linux and windows, all of those support ssh/scp.