my thoughts about socials

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the world is evolving, just backwards

i hate social media, but love to post my pictures and stuff somewhere, get some recognition, and i think the concept is very cool, i just hate the "scrolling" part where the app makes you scroll about 20 videos or pictures or whatever before realizing that you're wasting your time. these are my opinions on social media apps

ps: "great" means that the app/website is okay, but of course all of these are closed source. also, you should know that "free" (almost always) means you pay with your data.


let's start with a confession: i really love the idea, where you put up a picture, people can view it and done. i just think that i.e. instagram has way too much bloat.


too much bloat, algorithms and stuff crawling through my contacts to see who i've contacted at the first of may in 2012...

basically instagram but WAY worse, tiktok is a low level remote access trojan for our brains, since it can manipulate us into buying stuff, doing challenges, wearing different clothes, destroy our sense of humor and so on


idea of private chatting is sick, but the streaks keep you at the app.


quite an okay app, except for the part that FACEBOOK, that data sucking company, owns it.


great app


okay website, if you disable mail notifications


great, you can chose what you see and it works somehow


okay-ish, i'd rather use some sort of open source app, but it works and it's free (mostly). i trust it more than whatsapp of course.


shouldn't become social media. as it is currently, i'm fine-ish with them getting money for ads and premium


they are really going downhill with shorts and stuff. use yt-local, piped, invidious, anything else instead