whatsapp sucks

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# Why WhatsApp is bad

They might have their end-to-end encryption, but explain how the report "feature" works, because how are they supposed to read an encrypted message? Also, they might(/will, because it's Facebook (I'll never call them Meta, see this article I wrote about it) and they only want user data) still know who you contact, at what time, how frequent you contact them, maybe even your bio, name and profile picture, where you and they are (IP geolocation or even location if you give them your location permissions). I personally don't know why people willingly have WhatsApp installed on their devices. I personally currently have WhatsApp installed on my phone, only because quite a few work-related things have to do with people that can't use Signal or anything else, really. I'd highly suggest you don't use WhatsApp and communicate using anything else non Facebook, best is Signal Private Messenger (for normies).